Book is Based On...

the authors 40 years of playing music and performing. For over 30 years as a professional musician, incorporating experiences ranging from the garage band/club scene to the orchestral and studio scene, as well as serving on the Board of Directors of the Musicians Union. Having conducted numerous Music Business clinics and seminars over the past 25 years, the author has found that as a clinician, educator, private teacher and performer, the information accumulated has been invaluable to musicians. The author has used his experiences and has listened to the issues, questions and problems of many musicians from so many different genres professional and amateur. The author has encountered musicians in clinics and seminars and they realize more than ever, that a musician must be knowledgeable about their craft. More importantly a musician must have knowledge of the Music Business is in a young career, and that a full comprehensive book is essential.

What The Professional Musician Book Offers
The Professional Musician (The Music - The Business - The Career - The Life) gives a musician invaluable knowledge about the Music Business. It focuses on a career and the day-to-day concerns in the life of a professional musician. This book is in need because the content will guide a beginning career and inspire one in progress. The Professional Musician culminates over 10 years of research and up-to-date experience. Most schools do not teach 95% of the information in The Professional Musician. Students fortunate enough to have a Music Business class in their school will may learn about 20-30% of what is in this book but acknowledges the advantages and fills the voids in institutionalized education.

The Professional Musician will be the first book that will give the reader a clear and concise path to having a career in the Music Business. It will address and dispel myths and give the musician insight to making a living. It will also reveal the importance of an education in institutions as well as an education out in the “real” world. From the garage to the Musicians Union front desk, this book will focus on what is imperative to know what it is to be a Professional Musician. It also answers the questions that have been asked by musicians and performers for years. The Professional Musician will illustrate the concepts and principles and issues and will back them with anecdotes and stories that are truthful and amusing and at the same time deliver the true meaning of it’s content. Some of the anecdotes and stories will be the authors, as well as other professional musicians accounts of the pertinent information. This comes from seasoned professionals that have made their way through the difficulties of playing and survived the ills.

Readers will be better equipped to not only have a successful career, but able to conduct business for themselves without management or representation long into their career. The Professional Musician will make the reader aware of legal issues and show the reader where to get more information on the subject at hand without a lot of legal jargon. The Professional Musician offers shows practical application of the subjects. The Professional Musician covers what amateurs and professionals musician’s need to succeed in music, business, in a career and in the life.

Markets For The Book
There are approximately 1200 institutions of higher learning with music departments, ranging from 150-500 students in the United States alone. More music programs are added to the educational curriculum as well as a growing amount of conservatories all over the world. By reading The Professional Musician, students upon entering college will have a clearer path. There are many up and coming musicians that never attend college that still want the knowledge. Working Professionals will also use this book as a source for clarification and information. Readers will like the long-term use of the book as a go-to reference on many subjects. Music is a universal language and there are hundreds of thousands of musicians all over the world with the desire to have a successful career.