Wendell Kelly

1) Attendance at Lessons
2) Absences
3) Make-up lessons
4) Practice suggestions
5) Payment of fees for lessons


Consistent attendance is very important. This reinforces the teaching and learning process in consistent intervals. Students must attend on a regular basis preferably once a week. This will make sure that the student does not get into bad practice habits. the teacher is to serve as the primary source of ears to the student as well as a positive reinforcement of technique practice habit and discipline. the non-continuity of the lessons will surely frustrate the student, and the hereby wasting the students money and the time and energy of both parties.


You are expected to attend the lesson on the prearranged time and day. If the time and day is unsuitable , a reschedule of the lesson will be provided. In the event the student is unable to meet, please notify me at 10:30 PM on the previous day or, at 8:00 am the morning of the lesson. If I am not notified at either of the times, the student is liable for the payment of the lesson. This is a standard practice of most teachers. In the event that I cannot fulfill my lesson obligation I will extend the courtesy and notify the student. If I have a no-show due to an
emergency, then the lesson will be rescheduled and the lesson will be free of charge.


 To get the most out of lessons, it is wise to practice everyday for as many hours as you can (schedule permitting of course). Try to practice at the same time every day if possible. This gets the body ready and disciplined at the same time everyday. This is a Pavlov's dog type of discipline. The body knows that if it eats at 12 o'clock it will get hungry at that time everyday.

Try to keep your breaks down to a minimum by having water handy and your materials at hand for practice. Breaks are very important in practice so take them as needed without getting distracted from your time schedule and to undo a warm-up process.

Start your practice everyday by getting the body ready for this discipline. Stretching and breathing exercises should not be forgotten in the practice routine. Being a musician is like being an athlete. The muscles are to be in control and need to be warmed up properly.

Warm-ups are exercises designed to prepare your total being for performance. Your body and your "chops" need this preparation for peak performance. It is usually a good practice to be comfortable when you practice. If one likes to stand or sit, do what is comfortable. I highly suggest to practice etudes and literature standing. This usually
makes the one concentrate more and keep in the frame of mind of the performance.


 I prefer the student pays for the lesson each week. This keeps the "I owe you how much?", out of the learning process. Please do not let the payment be the factor why one cannot continue lessons due to a huge bill accumulated. If the student would like to pay in advance two weeks to a month that is fine. This ensures the lesson and the worry of payment is relieved.

 My lesson fee is due to change upon notice. The student will be notified well in advance of this change.

 The lesson fee is $_________________ per half hour $_________________ per hour Date __________

I prefer teaching 1 hour lessons per week. This is a good time frame to get many things accomplished in a lesson. An invoice and lesson schedule will be signed by the student and teacher for lessons accumulated per month. This is not only for business purposes but for the student's record. I look forward to working with you and I hope I can help you achieve your goals. Set goals for yourself; long term as well as short term. This will help you with your priorities and will give your life focus. Now lets make music.

 Thank you for studying
 Wendell Kelly

_____________________________________   I _________________________________ have read the Contract and Agreement and
thereby by signing adhere to it. I understand that this is by no means a legal contract of record that cannot be used for any other purposes other than the lessons contract with the above sign parties. By signing also does not bind the two parties to an exclusive agreement. This Contract and Agreement can be terminated upon discussion of the two parties and there by issuing a disolvement of this contract.

Student Signature Date

Teacher Signature Date

Parent or guardian signature Date

(if student is under 18 yrs. of age)

In this section I wanted to display some of the things I did and did not put in the book with forms and various other tools that may be helpful. Enjoy them and feel free to comment on them. Peruse, have fun and enjoy.

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Lesson Plan

Student Name:                                                       Date:________________                               








           a)  - Major

           b)  - minor

           c)  - M, m, dim., and aug.

          d)  - Progressions





6.  GRADE: _____

* Student will be graded on a a 75% - 100% grade scale. This grade shall be based on improvement and willingness to learn and absorb the material.  Practice hours will also be graded and integrated into the final grade.