8)    Residuals
a)    Residuals
b)    Distribution Funds

9)  The Freelance Musician
a)    Front Man
b)    Sideman
c)    Substitute
d)    Performing Genres
e)    Auditions
f)    Consider Taking the Job

        1.    Booking the Job
        2.    Scheduling
        3.    Being Paid
        4.    Knowing The Employer

g)    Tools and Tricks of the Trade
h)    Styles
i)    Joining a Band
j)    Competition

10)  Performance
a)    Performance
b)    Marking Parts

        1.    Marking Parts Example
c)    Rehearsals
d)    Levels of Performing

         1.    School K-12
         2.    College
         3.    Professional

e)    On the Job
f)     Recitals
11)  Audio
a)    Microphones and How They Work
b)    Recording
c)    Monitoring
d)    Headphones and Accessories

12) The Recording Studio
a)    How They Run
b)    The Home Studio

13) The Mental and Physical
a)    Concentration
b)    State Of Mind
c)    Left Brain, Right Brain
d)    Breathing
e)    Meditation
f)    Performers Health

14) Personal Subjects
a)    Family
b)    Friends
c)    Relationships
d)    Vices and Personal Habits
e)    Finances
f)    Credit
g)   Worker’s Insurance
h)   Jury Duty
i)    Estate Planning/Trusts/Wills
j)    Personal Insurance
k)   Religion & Spirituality
l)    Politics

15) The Road
a)    Before Leaving on Tour
b)    Is Touring for You?
c)    Airlines and Airports
d)    Packing
e)    Passport
f)     Visas
g)    Travel Security & Declaration
h)    Traveler Programs
i)     Transportation
j)     Business
k)    Personnel
l)     Personal

        1. Travel Tips
        2. Practicing on the Road
        3. Health on the Road

1)  The Value of an Education
a)    School
b)    Institutes
c)    Private Study

       1.    The Value of Private Lessons
          2.    Where Do You Begin
          3.    How to Involve the Student
          4.    Practicing More Efficiently
          5.    Concentrated Studies
          6.    Einstein’s Theory

2)  Goals and Abilities
Goal Setting

a)    What you do
b)    What are you willing to do?
c)    No bad days - In a young career

3)    Personal Contacts
a)    School
b)    Concerts/Clubs
c)    Seminars - Clinics - Conventions
d)    Network

Business Contacts
Building a Team

a)    Contractor
b)    Leader
c)    Management
d)    Managers
e)    Management Qualities
f)    How to Find the Team

4)  Marketing
a)    Marketing
b)    Promotional Package
c)    Photos - Photo Session Check List
d)    Demos
e)    Résumés
f)    Websites and Social Networking

5)  Setting up the Office
The Office
a)    Taking Messages
b)    Your Auto is Your Office

In The Office
a)    Desk and Furniture
b)    Proper Ventilation & Lighting
c)    Atmosphere
d)    Storage
e)    Sound Systems

6)  Booking Jobs
a)   Negotiating and Booking a Job
b)   Signing Contracts on Jobs

7)  Unions
a)    Business Purpose
b)    History of the AFM
c)    Labor Law & Acts
d)    Membership

        1.    Joining The Union
        2.    Member Responsibilities
        3.    Bylaws – Rules - Rights
        4.    Meetings
        5.    Elections

e)  Titled Officers and Personnel
The American Federation of Musicians (AFM)
AFM Locals

f)    Benefits
       1. The AFM-EPF
       2. Pension Benefits
       3. Health & Welfare

g)    Services
h)    Contracts & Agreements
i)    Live Engagements and Organizing
j)    Union Associations
k)    Solutions

Table of Contents

16) Composing and Arranging
a) Composing and Arranging Skills
b) Publishing
c) Copyright Registration
d) Copyrights
e) Peering

17) The Business
The Law - General Business Sense

a)    Business Entities
b)    Employers
c)    Independent Contractor
d)    Names
e)    Trademarks and Patents
f)    Contracts
g)    Infringement
h)    Collecting and Liens
i)    Financial Backing
j)    Accounting and Taxes

18) Jobs and Professions
a)    Day gigs
b)    Private Tutor or Teaching
c)    Clinics
d)    Guest Artist
e)    Supportive Professions

19) People and Personalities
a)    Personalities
b)    Seven Personality Types
c)    Personality Traits
d)    Principles

         1.    Respect - Morals – Ethics – Loyalty
20) Internal Resonance
a)    Believe in Yourself
b)    Self-Resilience
c)    Do It on Your Own
d)    Know What You Can Pull
e)    Axioms
f)    Motivation
g)    Collected Quotes
h)    Recording Conglomerations

        1.    The Funk Brothers
        2.    Los Angeles Studio Musicians
        3.    The Sound of Philadelphia (MFSB)
        4.    Stax Records
        5.    The Nashville "A" Team
        6.    The Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section
        7.    The New York Session Players
8.    Vocals
21)  The Coda
a)    Dwindling Work
b)    Runaway Production
c)    Musician Strikes
d)    Legislation
e)    Legislative Acts
f)    Education
g)    Arts Funding

Taking a Responsible Role